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The Training Institute

The Centre was founded in the 1980s by Maria Huss who had moved to Ireland from Germany. In addition to her qualifications in clinical psychology, Maria was also a qualified therapist and a psychotherapy trainer.

From its foundation the Centre’s services were in demand. The early training programmes included a two year certificate programme in basic counselling and communication skills, and a fulltime internship. The Centre also delivered a series of seminars for a GP training scheme and Bachelor of Arts Degree in Applied Psychology.

In the 1990s The Centre began to work with the IACP and it developed its own Diploma programme. The Diploma programme received IACP Course Recognition in 1996.


In recent years interest in the programme has flourished. Consequently the Centre now designs and runs its own Foundation and Diploma programmes. Other developments have seen the Institute design the format for practice hour placements so that students have the option of completing their practice hours by placement at the Centre or at placements around the country. This has provided ease of access to students who travel long distances to training.

The Institute is also running a two year Certificate programme for those who are qualified who wish to become trainers and a Postgraduate Internship for graduates working towards accreditation. In addition to currently designing a top up course allowing students to acquire Degree status, the centre is also designing a Diploma in Supervision for practitioners who wish to train as supervisors.

New Training Room

We have just opened a new Training Room at Hanover St. This is used to run some of our Foundation and Diploma workshops.