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Mature Male Student Studying In Library

Cork Counselling Centre Training Institute houses an extensive library consisting of almost a thousand textbooks and hundreds of journals including all core texts and a diverse range of relevant counselling literature.  The material traces the development of the profession from early philosophy, through Freud and onto 21st century neuroscience, across theories, topics and counselling issues.

The Library is a welcoming place where all students on any training programmes are invited to become curious about theories, literature and research in the field of counselling and psychotherapy.  It is intended that the Library would be a lively forum for students to “tolle lege” – “take and read”.

Seminars in the library – currently paused for Covid-19

All students -foundation, diploma, degree – of Cork Counselling Centre Training Institute are welcome to the seminars in the library. Each seminar is presented with a different topic related to aspects of the training. The venue is always the library in Hanover St. After each seminar, there will be a handout with relevant literature provided via e-mail to all students attending. Students are also encouraged to keep a personal journal throughout the seminar cycle and to give feedback to the facilitators.

The library access portal is here. Password hint: its in a book!