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Foundation Course

Exciting New Course in Counselling & Personal Development

Cork Counselling Services is launching a new Foundation in Counselling & Personal Development Course commencing in October. It will appeal especially to those who wish to develop people skills in work or private life. In addition, it prepares participants or acts as a taster for entry into professional counselling courses. Spread over ten weeks to accommodate busy lives, this foundation course of self-discovery includes facilitated group work and offers you an opportunity to get to know yourself and improve your ability to relate to others in a supportive and non-judgemental way. Your self confidence and self esteem will benefit as a result.

The method of training is personal and experiential and very different to the kind of academic learning that many people know from their school days. People skills learn interactively in a fun and supportive atmosphere. You learn from your colleagues on the course as well as from the highly experienced tutors in an atmosphere that promotes equality and diversity.

Cork Counselling Services Training Institute is one of the country’s longest standing education centres in the area of counselling and personal development, with a supportive and creative atmosphere. The training courses provide a unique and exciting way to find out who you are, learn effective skills and become more competent in working with people. The highly qualified trainers are practising counsellors working within recognised codes of ethics and professional practice. The course offers a unique opportunity to reclaim joy, wonder, and creativity in your life with space and attention given to fun and celebration. You will work and learn within a tightly knit group with the potential for building friendship as well as skills.

Note that this programme is not a professional qualification or a pre-requisite for Degree courses with us

How to apply:

  • The minimum age to apply for the course is 23 years
  • Applicants are invited to submit a completed Application Form along with:
    • A comprehensive Curriculum Vitae
    • A passport sized photograph
    • Non-refundable application fee of €50

Next closing date for applications: September 1st 2019

Based on this application, individuals will be invited to attend individual a group interview.
Successful applicants will be offered a place on the course. Responsibility for final selection rests solely with the Training Team.

Course Structure

The course is organised on a part-time basis. The group meets over seven workshops at Cork Counselling Services Training Institute, running on Friday evening and all day Saturday, plus one residential weekend.

We usually offer two courses each year. The first of these begins in Autumn; the second begins in Spring.

Students are required to be open to ongoing personal development which occurs in a group, personal therapy sessions, keeping a personal journey, assignments based on core components of the course and self and peer assessments

Course Content

There are four essential components to the course content:

  • Personal awareness and development
  • Knowledge of theories of counselling
  • Skills training, including the opportunity to participate in a professional supervision session
  • Multi-cultural awareness

Cork Counselling Services Training Institute provides this training in a group setting which encourages exploration and learning.

Fees, Assessment & Award

Course Fees

The tuition fee is €1,150. Please note that the fee for the year covers course tuition only. The student is responsible for any additional expenses, food, travel, books, accommodation, personal therapy sessions etc.


Assessment is continuous and based on a series of submitted assignments, attendance, and feedback on personal development from self, peers and trainers.


Students who successfully complete the course will merit a Foundation Certificate from Cork Counselling Services Training Institute