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What is Counselling?

Hi, I’m Vanessa Mc Carthy, the Office Manager at Cork Counselling Services and we offer professional counselling in Cork since 1982. Let me offer a brief definition of what we do.


Counselling (or Psychotherapy) is a professional relationship where clients can explore and understand their lives, tell their story, be listened to, and find respect and acceptance. Over time people can work towards healing emotional pain, distress and trauma. This process can also help people to look at themselves in a new way, gain confidence and take charge of their own lives.

Crisis Intervention

Crisis Intervention, in contrast to Counselling or Psychotherapy, provides short-term support. Its aim is to bring the crisis to an end and guide the client back to normal functioning. Crisis intervention also involves a review of the coping skills used to deal with the crisis in order to prevent a new crisis developing.

To see details of our counselling and psychotherapy services please have a look at our Our Services.