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Certificate in Counselling & Psychotherapy


Cork Counselling Services Training Institute is offering students an opportunity to take a step by step approach to professional training by offering a Certificate (1 year) in Counselling & Psychotherapy. This programme offer full credits towards the IACP-accredited BSc(Hons) Counselling and Psychotherapy. The course will allow students to deepen their knowledge of theory, practice and research in Integrative Humanistic Counselling. Our aim is to create learning conditions that support students in taking the road to professional counselling at a flexible pace that suits their particular lifestyle.

Why train with us?

Cork Counselling Services Training Institute is a professional place, with a supportive and creative atmosphere. Our training courses provide a unique and exciting way to find out who you are, learn effective skills and become a competent counsellor. We provide a supportive and exciting training environment which offers

  • Over 30 years of experience in training and counselling practice
  • Flexible study time with the option of enhancing your qualifications while continuing to work, or
  • In-house placement opportunities if progressing towards degree
  • An experiential and applied approach so that learning is lived and practiced rather than staying solely academic
  • A link to an established counselling practice so that current clinical issues remain to the fore in training
  • Highly qualified practitioner-trainers both from Ireland and abroad, ensuring practice which remains inclusive and internationally relevant
  • A unique opportunity to reclaim joy, wonder, and creativity in your life with space and attention given to fun and celebration
  • Deliberately small group sizes allowing for individual attention, group cohesion and the potential for building friendships

How to apply:

  • Applicants are invited to submit a completed Application Form for Oct 2019 along with:
      • A comprehensive Curriculum Vitae,
      • A passport sized photograph,
      • Non-refundable application fee of €100, and
      • 2 References – please post Reference Request Form to two referees having filled out the blue section.

    In keeping with the humanistic philosophy upon which the course is based, the primary mode of training is experiential learning. Throughout the training students engage in the very process of self-exploration they are learning to facilitate in others. Students will also engage in personal therapy, a personal and professional development group, professional supervised practice, individual study and reading, and peer discussion groups. They will submit a number of written assignments.

Fees, Assessment & Award

Course Fees . Please call us on 021-4274951