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Student Experiences

Adult Education“The course is very professional, offering theoretical knowledge, skills practice, opportunities for in-depth personal development and opportunities for change.  It commands very high standards.  The facilitators are well trained and support is given to all participants.”

Catherine, 1st Year Student

I feel this is the highest quality counselling course in Ireland and the centre produces counsellors of a high calibre.”

Lorraine, 1st Year Student

“It has been an honour for me to be part of this training course and have an opportunity to learn so much about counselling and myself under the guidance of excellent facilitators.”

Jimmy, 2nd Year Student

“I initially chose to study here as it was part-time and this gave me the flexibility I needed.  I particularly liked the experiential style of learning that was done in a group session.  I can find academic learning quite difficult and this course allowed me to learn in a different way.  Tutorials were conducted by previous students and there is one person designated as an academic tutor should you require additional support in this area.  I really enjoyed attending my own personal counselling (a requirement) while studying for the diploma.  It helped me with my own development and allowed me to become a better trainee counsellor.  The workshops allowed me to train in an environment that was encouraging, respectful and safe.  I would highly recommend training with Cork Counselling Services as I feel equipped now to work with my own counselling clients”

Amanda Murphy

“I like the consistency of the training.  I found that at all times we were encouraged to learn, experience and explore for ourselves.  The fact that there is an abundance of support but no hand holding I feel is consistent with integrative humanistic counselling and models a healthy process.”

Shirley, 2nd Year Student

“The aim of the course is to create learning conditions which foster personal and professional development, give meaning to life and help to realise potential.  For me , that aim is something the course definitely achieves.  I found the course to be very fulfilling, challenging, engaging and fun.”

editing website“I found the experiential nature of the course to be a very effective training process.  The focus on personal development, and developing a congruent way of being is a very important and beneficial aspect of the course.”

Terri, 2nd Year Student

“The facilitation of the course over the last 2 years has been excellent.  The warm, expert, supportive styles of the delivery created a safe but challenging learning environment.”

Teresa, 2nd Year Student

“I believe the institute is guided by the principles of ethical counselling in everything it does.  It sets a high level of professional and personal competence for all its facilitators and students.”

“The facilitators are professional in the work they do, they live their roles in their everyday life and they are real.  They appear to me to be vocational as opposed to employees.”

“The institute is open to feedback and encourages it, a sure sign of an organisations self belief and confidence.”

“The institute provided me an opportunity to train as a counsellor, to develop personally, to discover the real me and give me the confidence to live as me. This I will forever be grateful.”

Jimmy, 2nd Year Student